08 December 2010

Almond and Kale, Together At Last

I never would have guessed it, but almonds and kale are a perfect pairing. Tonight, after several days' indulgence in buttery French brownies and creamy eggnog, my body screamed for a health break. In our house "I feel like something healthy" is translated as, "I'd like to eat nothing but kale."

Tonight, however, my body was also craving protein, so I grabbed a handful of raw almonds. I popped one in my mouth while still chewing the kale and discovered that the fruity, earthy nut and the bitter, earthy greens played off each other beautifully.

Suddenly I remembered I'd had the pairing before. A few months ago my husband and I had dinner at Northern Spy in New York's East Village. The restaurant reminded us of those in San Francisco -- ingredients from local farms and purveyors, simple preparations, chalkboard specials, casual, lively, small. It was a good restaurant, not our absolute favorite in New York, but the kale salad they served was something special -- raw kale, toasted almonds, clothbound cheddar, delicata squash, lemon dressing and pecorino

From now on when I say, "I feel like something healthy," I'll mean "I'd like that great Northern Spy salad."

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