01 February 2011

There's Magic in White Cow Dairy's Little Glass Jars

I'm really into yogurt. As in, I eat whole milk yogurt pretty much everyday. Usually for breakfast, but really any time of day will do. I've found it easily satisfies a dessert craving when blended with bananas, dates and vanilla.

In California Strauss Family Creamery is my go-to dairy; in Indiana it's Traders Point Creamery; but the most exciting yogurt I've found comes from White Cow Dairy in New York. I've tried White Cow's 5.5 ounce glass jars filled with Rhubarb Yogurt, Cherry Yogurt and Pumpkin Pie Filling ($2.99). All are seriously special: smooth, sweet, satisfying.

The Cherry Yogurt is made with whole milk, yogurt cultures, Singer Farms cherries and maple sugar. It's unlike any yogurt I've ever tasted. Imagine a healthy, unfrozen Dairy Queen Blizzard -- so thick, you can turn your spoon upside down like in the old DQ ads, and filled with delicious bits of cherry throughout peachy-pink cream -- and you're getting close to understanding the initial draw of White Cow yogurt.

Add to that taste that White Cow Dairy is an extension of Blue Hill Farms and the milk comes from cows that graze on grasses and flowers in East Otto, New York. The ingredients in all their products are pure, simple and local.

Next time you're in Midtown Manhattan looking for a quick snack on the run, grab a little glass jar at Murray's Cheese in Grand Central Station. Then stop for a moment to savor just how amazing a yogurt can be.

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